Spring Batting Cage Installation

Artificial Turf for batting cages

Published March 19th, 2024

Are You Shopping for Batting Materials for the upcoming Baseball Season?

SportsFacility.com specializes in the turf, nets, hardware and field equipment for DIYers across the country. We don’t supply the frames as the shipping cost would be exorbitant, we can however, explain the most common methods and materials to build batting cage frames.

Most Towns have local pipe supply stores where 3 or 4 inch diameter poles can be purchased in 20′ sticks. These stores can typically cut the poles to your desired length. For example, if you need a 12′ high batting cage, you may want to them to cut the pole to 16′ feet. This gives you 2 or 3 feet to bury in the ground, leaving 12′ high poles sticking out of the ground, leaving enough room run your cables, clip the net and have a bit of extra net on on the ground.  Tip:  Dig your holes first, to make sure you can go that far down.  Often times, you’ll hit rock and may need to move over, or get short poles.

Some folks choose to use 4′ x 4′ Wooden posts and achieve the same effect. These are more readily available at a local Depot and you can cut them at home with a saw to your desired length. While there’s nothing wrong with using Wooden posts, we be believe the metal posts, or even black powder coated posts look more professional and will last longer.

If you have room for a full 70′ Long Cage, you’ll need to bury at least 8 posts, 4 on each side. You can either use a post hole digger, or rent an auger from Home Depot and knock out the holes fairly quickly. Ideally you want, at least 2 foot deep holes, which you can fill with about 2 bags of Quickrete. Make sure that the poles are lined up evenly. The best way to do this is simply to run some string line down each side of the cage and make sure the poles line up with the string line as the concrete dries.

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