Protective Screens

Protective Screens for Baseball and Fastpitch / Slowpitch Softball use. Great for indoor hitting facilities, as well as on field use for batting practice or running drills. Various sizes and weights of screens ensure you can find exactly what you need.

Our Protective Screen Classifications:

  • Varsity Screens: #60 Knotted Net. 1.5″ Powder Coated Frame. Various sizes in L-Screens, Softball Screens, and Sock Nets.
  • Pro Screens: #60 Knotted Net. 2″ Powder Coated Bolt Together Frame. 1.5″ Padding with Vinyl Strap. Various sizes in L-Screens, Softball Screens, Combo Screens, Head Saver Screens.
  • Elite Pro Screens: #96 Knotted Net. 2″ Powder Coated Steel Frame. 1.5″ Padding with Vinyl Strap. Various sizes in L-Screens and Softball Screens.

Most protective screens do not include wheels, but those can be purchased separately and easily installed added on. Don’t forget, we also have replacement netting for screens.

Types of Protective Screens:

  • L-Screens: Built for baseball batting practice, with extra hip protection, to protect coaches and players who are pitching. Additionally, they can be set up to accommodate right handed or left handed pitching.
  • I-Screens / Bullet Screens: Commonly used for fastpitch or slowpitch softball batting practice. Allows for full motion fastpitch or front toss. Compact and lightweight for easy transporting on the field or in the batting cage.
  • Softball / Front Toss Screen: These screens have a cutout on one side to offer maximum protection for the pitcher, while giving space for pitching motion.
  • Combo Screen: Multifunctional screen for baseball and softball use. Each side is cut out for maximum design for coaches and players pitching in batting practice. Ideal for indoor hitting facilities that want to accommodate the most players
  • On Field Screens: Larger in width, designed to protect players and coaches while running drills on the field. However, these can also be used to protect pitchers during batting practice.
  • Sock Net: Used in baseball and softball for soft toss or tee work. The hitting pocket allows for extended hitting practice and easy ball pick up.

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