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Artificial Turf for batting cages

Spring Batting Cage Installation

Published March 19th, 2024 Are You Shopping for Batting Materials for the upcoming Baseball Season? SportsFacility.com specializes in the turf, nets, hardware and field equipment for DIYers across the country. We don’t supply the frames as the shipping cost would be exorbitant,

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How Long Will Turf Last in a Batting Cage?

The lifespan of artificial turf in a batting cage can vary depending on factors like the frequency of use, proper maintenance, and weather conditions.  Generally our high quality turf can last  anywhere from 10-20 years with proper care and maintenance.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Turf

Exploring the Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Turf  Introduction:Artificial turf has gained immense popularity over the years as a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass in various settings. Whether you’re considering installing artificial turf indoors or outdoors, it’s important to understand the

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