Residential Turf and Sports Turf Field

We work with turf manufacturers to have have the most common sizes for residential turf rolls and sports turf field on our site. We have options to help you with new or used turf rolls or turf field. Whether your job requires padded turf, unpadded turf, infill turf or non-infill turf, the most common sizes are available here. These rolls are often left over from larger jobs by artificial turf manufacturers and made available at a discount. Or they are quickly manufactured to replenish supply.

Residential Turf

New turf is often labelled as “residential turf” or “athletic turf”. Depending on the situation and kind of turf, one can serve the purpose of another and are somewhat interchangeable. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or need help designing, please contact us to speak with an experienced sports turf field professional. We’ll get an understanding of your project and send a free quote and 3D diagram (if needed). We have experience with homeowners choosing a variety of residential turf for their yards. For example, some customers want all green turf around pools, or green turf in places where grass wont grow. Homeowners also like to make their yard unique and add a putting green area. Or maybe an area where dogs constantly run and have worn down existing grass. We’ve helped with all sorts of ideas, so let us help with yours. 

Turf is created in various lengths and density, so our team can help you decide what will be best for your project. We work closely with artificial turf manufacturers to ensure we have a wide range of selection for you to complete your project. Are you interested in mixing it up with non-green turf? We have those options as well. Contact our team to get started on your project today!

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