Frequently Asked Questions

How does shipping work?

Turf orders generally ship within 5 days, and then another 3-5 business days of transit time. Customers are required to offload the turf rolls from the trailer. Please coordinate to have help when offloading, as your turn roll will be heavy. The driver is typically not allowed to assist in offloading. Freight companies do require the recipient to remove freight from freight truck and is not allowed to assist in unloading, moving, relocating or installing product.

Expedited Shipping is available upon request and will require additional charges.

Smaller (non-turf) order typically ship within 3 business days, via UPS or FedEx.

For additional turf questions, please check out the Shipping Details Page. 

How much does it weigh?

Turf weight differs, depending on the product purchased. The range is 1 to 2 pounds per square foot. Please keep this in mind when coordinating with the freight carrier for delivery. You will need to arrange for help or equipment to offload your turf roll from the trailer.

What kind of lines will my turf roll have?

Turf with lines will vary on what the original intended use was. Some will have a solid white line from a baseball foul line or football sideline, or hash marks from a football field. We are not able to guarantee what time line you will be receiving. 

How can I cut my turf roll to fit for my project?

A standard razor blade will cut through the turf – each roll will have a poly backing, unless you are getting a roll with padding. But these are also able to be cut with a razor blade.



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