Turf Claw Foam Back -4 Gallons

Turf Claw Foam Back (4 Gallon)

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Turf Claw FB is a high solids adhesive developed to withstand outdoor environments, as well as demanding indoor applications. Turf Claw FB is a solvent-free, low odor adhesive designed for the permanent installation of rubber backed and urethane backed artificial grass carpet, outdoor unitary latex and marine back carpets, carpet with synthetic secondary backings, cork underlayment and flooring. Turf Claw FB is also recommended for indoor installations of most commercial carpets except for those with vinyl backings. Turf Claw FB is made with an advanced antimicrobial system to protect the adhesive from bacteria and fungal growth. Turf Claw FB is CRI™ Green Label Plus approved for indoor air quality.


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