Elite 2 Wheel Pitching Machine


Supercharge your team’s practices with the Bulldog Elite 2-Wheel Pitching Machine. Athletes will learn the proper tactics to field pop-ups and grounders with this handy piece of equipment. Suited for throwing dimple balls, this machine can help you train your players to hit curves, fastballs, sliders, sinkers and knuckleballs at varying velocities. The attached wheels allow you to move the unit into and out of storage with just a simple push, making for easy transport at the end of the training day.


      • Urethane wheels eliminate the need to pump air into tires
      • Throws curves, fastballs, sliders, sinkers, knuckleballs, pop-ups and grounders to prepare your players for any pitch or hit that may arise at your next game
      • Pitch speed can be adjusted between 30 and 102 mph
      • Available in both baseball and softball versions
      • Designed to be used with dimple balls
    • Specifications:

      • Ball Compatibility: Training balls
      • Brand: Bulldog
      • Color: Black
      • Color Family: Black
      • Maximum Speed : 102 mph
      • Minimum Speed : 30 mph
      • Product Weight: 95 lb.
      • Quantity: 1
      • Wheeled: Yes


    • Throws curves, fastballs, sliders, sinkers and knuckleball
    • Can throw pop-ups as well as grounders
    • Pitch speed between 30 – 102 mph
    • Urethane wheels eliminate air pressure problems
    • Attached wheels for easy transport
    • Best suited to throw dimple balls
    • Weight: 95 lbs.


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